Choicest Budget Hotel in North India – Experiential stay

redmaple_pic1North India offers some of the most iconic hotels in the world with rich diversity of hotel accommodation. In a choice of budget accommodation in Delhi, Red Maple Delhi Guest House stands tall with 8 boutique rooms, tastefully decorated and offering chic service. If super clean accommodation and safe environment with round the clock service is what you are looking for. Red Maple in Guest house in budget category is not going to disappoint you.

Located in South Delhi, not too far from Tyagraj Stadium and South Extension Market. A ideal choice for people. Over ninety seven percent guests who have stayed with us from over 65 countries have loved us. Few exceptions always remain and we respect them.

Make Red Maple bed and breakfast your choice on your next visit.

We will welcome you and assure you of greatest comfy beds and super clean rooms. Experience real India the way it is and carry home an experience to savor.

We remember 2 guests, wedding planners from England who stayed with us for over two weeks, would watch a hawker sell bananas from his small cart every day. They noticed that he would make his earning from selling just a merchandise of bananas and would have a smile on his face every day that he would on the street, happily interacting with his customers . Our guests while sitting with the owners before departure mentioned to the owners that their life had been changed forever by staying at Red Maple. When asked why, they said as wedding planners they had sworn to operate on a minimum set margin of profit and would refuse half the wedding planning business which came their way. Having seen the banana seller make a happy living even while selling a merchandise which did not perhaps earn him much, taught them a lesson of a lifetime. They said to have decided, to not let any business go and would operate so even if they were breaking even. They said they loved to understand the way a normal Indian would look at business and in the melee they got to learn a lesson of a lifetime. Such is the experiential transformation you can expect by choosing to be at Red Maple Delhi Guest House.