Get an Ideal Bed And Breakfast Accommodation for Your Family

With the help of Red Maple Bed and Breakfast, you get an experience that is as discerningly Indian as it gets. You could be a visitor from outside the country or someone from the corporate domain. No matter what it is, you need not to worry as here you would always get an experience that you would cherish for sure. The accommodation over here is of the highest quality and this makes it ideal for you to spend your leisure time. The service standards over here are at par with global standards, the facilities are excellent, and you get real value for your money. This is especially true if you are looking for a longer stay at this bed and breakfast Delhi. It is here that you would get a novel touch of the concept of homestay.


Over the years, Red Maple Bed and Breakfast has evolved its standards in order to make sure that it is capable of meeting the accommodation related requirements for people who visit New Delhi for purposes of leisure as well as business. This hotel gained prominence at the time New Delhi played host to the Commonwealth Games. This was also the time when the government of Delhi issued a number of homestay licenses. For that matter, for most international travelers that come to this city bed and breakfast remains a popular choice. After all, they are here with the intention of experiencing the country as well as connecting with the locals in order to get a proper feel of the country as such.


There are some good reasons as to why Red Maple Bed and Breakfast is a leading b & b New Delhi. It has a motto of welcoming its esteemed guests – you – for a stay that is as comfortable as it gets and then backing it up with its deeds. It offers them all the privacy, comfort, and safety that they are looking for in an accommodation facility. In fact, the hotel is said to be highly safe for single women travelers as well. Over the years a number of single working women from within India as well as from outside the country have stayed over here. It also caters to other groups of travelers such as single travelers, groups of travelers, couples, and leisure travelers.
Suffice to say, they have enjoyed their stay over here and this has been one experience that they have always treasured.

Why should you choose them?

Delhi is known for the many options that it offers with respect to budget guesthouses. So the question that needs to be asked is why you should choose Red Maple Bed and Breakfast. Well, the accommodation here is of a supreme quality. The rooms are always spanking clean and there are en-suite facilities to be had as well. The decoration is tasteful and you get bottled mineral water as well. You get power back up, heating, and air conditioning facilities as well. You also have tea and coffee makers in each room as well as mini-bar.