Top Traditional Indian Delicacy You Will Find In Delhi

India is a culturally diverse and rich country and Delhi is its capital. Therefore, it has a fusion of all the various elements spread throughout this country. If you want to get a taste of traditional Indian delicacies then there is no better place than Delhi. Its nook and corners are full of flavors and aromas of the spices.

In Delhi, you can find Punjabi cuisine as well as South Indian cuisine. With such a variety, it might be overwhelming for a person to choose the right dishes at first. For this purpose, you can take the help of the following points. Following are the main delicacies you will find in Delhi and which, you will surely get to enjoy.

Chole Bhature

The fried flour bread called Bhatura with the spicy Chole is a popular combination across the country. It originated in Punjab but because of its simplicity and enhanced flavors, it became a popular delicacy. Delhi is famous for its Paneer-stuffed Chole Bhature.

You can find a number of restaurants or stalls offering tasty Chole Bhature. You wouldn’t have to undergo any hassle in order to find a provider of this dish.

Stuffed Parathas

Parathas are a variety of Indian wheat bread. In Delhi, you will find a number of restaurants and food stalls offering different varieties of this traditional bread. While the plain Paratha is eaten with Sabzi or gravy, the stuffed Parathas have their own methods for consumption. You can get Aloo (Potato) Stuffed Parathas, Gobhi (Cauliflower) Stuffed Parathas as well as Sweet Parathas.

They are served with different sides. You can eat an Aloo Paratha with Dahi (Curd), Chutney (Local sauce) or Pickle. Like Chole Bhature, Parathas are quite popular in Delhi as they serve as the staple breakfast cuisine. You will easily find a number of great providers of Parathas. It is recommended to visit Paratha-wali Gali too, where you will find plenty of different varieties of this dish.

Sambhar Dosa

As stated earlier, Delhi has flavors from all over the country. Sambhar Dosa is a south Indian dish. You can find plenty of south Indian restaurants offering this delicacy. The Sambhar is made from pulses, spices, and vegetables while the Dosa is made from a batter of Rice and particular pulses. Combined with the Indian Coconut Chutney, you get an authentic fusion of flavors. This dish serves as a complete meal so be sure to keep your stomach empty before ordering it.
Indian Sweets

Delhi has numerous sweets from across the country. Some of them are Rasgulla, Jalebi, Rabri, and Ladoo.

How to Get Those Delicacies..?

The list of Indian delicacies goes on. The above dishes were just a glimpse. To get a proper tasting experience, you should choose to get a homestay in Delhi. There, you will get a better service and access to such delicacies unlike the hotels in New Delhi. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them with us.